We are pleased to announce that the 2016 American Solar Challenge is going to be an 8 day 1,975 mile road course traveling through 7 states from Brecksville, OH to Hot Springs, SD. We are partnering with the National Park Service for their 2016 Centennial. The ASC route will include stage/checkpoints at 9 national parks, historic sites, or partner properties throughout the Midwest. We are also excited that Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP 2016) will be held at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex (Pitt Race) in Wampum, PA! Whether you get involved in ASC/FSGP 2016 as a participant, volunteer, sponsor, or bystander, this event offers a great opportunity to learn about and enhance the world of solar car racing. We hope you’ll join us as the solar cars embark on this long journey.


Official Event InformationNPS_Centennial_FYP_Lockup_CMYK

ASC Route & Schedule Overview

The checkpoint and stage stop locations are specified below. The public is invited to attend. Team arrival time at these pre-defined stops is spread out over hours between the faster and slower teams. In general teams begin arriving at checkpoints in the early afternoon and these stops close in late afternoon or early evening. Each team is only present at a checkpoint for approximately 45 minutes before continuing along the race route. Stage stops usually open in the afternoon for faster teams to start arriving but all teams are present from 6:00-8:00PM for the evening solar charging session. Teams are also present the morning after each stage stop for the 7:00-9:00AM solar charging session before they head back out for another day of driving. The finish line stop will open around mid-day and teams will continue to arrive throughout the afternoon before the start of the awards ceremony in the evening. Stay tuned to our social media feeds for up to the minute information about stage stop and checkpoint timing as well as team arrivals.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

The awards dinner and ceremony is planned for the evening of Saturday, August 6.

A Message from the National Park Service

The goal of the National Park Service Centennial is to connect with and create the next generation of park visitors, supporters, and advocates. We hope that this rally encourages you to explore the nation’s rich cultural and natural heritage. Share your excitement about the national park-themed American Solar Challenge on


All vehicles must be designed and built to comply with the published event regulations. As always, please submit forms, fees, and reports by the deadlines specified. We will once again be giving scrutineering inspection preference to those teams that complete their paperwork first, so earlier is better.

FSGP 2016 Qualifying Track Race

Scrutineering inspections and the FSGP 2016 qualifier are to be held at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex. This event is open to public spectators (free entry).

FSGP 2016 Schedule

  • Fri, July 22-Mon, Jul 25: Registration & Scrutineering at Pitt Race
  • Tue, July 26-Thu, Jul 28: Formula Sun Grand Prix on the North Track at Pitt Race
  • FSGP 2016 Detailed Schedule

Rest Day (Public Viewing)

For those not familiar with our format, the Rest Day on Friday, July 29th serves as a day to get ready for the start of ASC following the wrap up of FSGP. Activities usually include moving to the ASC start line area, recharging batteries, prepping support vehicles, and assigning team observers. This is also a day for the public to come out and see all the teams and cars up close before they embark on the cross country American Solar Challenge.

The ASC 2016 Rest Day is going to be at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (CVCC), which is a few miles from the ASC start line location.

Address: 8001 Brecksville Rd, Brecksville, OH 44141