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We are pleased to announce that the July 2014 American Solar Challenge is going to be an 8 day 1700+ mile road course traveling through 7 states from Austin, TX to Minneapolis, MN. We are also excited that Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP 2014) Powered by Austin Energy will be returning to the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX! COTA provided excellent facilities and served as a great host for FSGP 2013. We are looking forward to working with them again and allowing even more teams to experience this awesome Formula 1 racetrack. Whether you get involved as a participant, volunteer, sponsor, or bystander, this event offers a great opportunity to learn about and enhance the world of solar car racing. We hope you’ll join us as cars embark on this long journey “Solaring Up the Midwest”.

Official Event Information

ASC 2014 Stage 1 Winners & Results

  1. University of Michigan
  2. University of Minnesota
  3. Iowa State: PrISUm
Team # – Name Austin Start 7/21 Weatherford Arrival 7/21 Norman Finish 7/22 Stage 1 Penalty Time Stage 1 Elapsed Time
2 - University of Michigan 9:00:00 14:59:40 11:48:38 0:01:00 10:49:38
35 – University of Minnesota ** 9:04:00 15:09:05 12:23:44 0:00:00 11:23:44
9 - Iowa State: PrISUm 9:02:00 15:21:38 12:43:47 0:00:00 11:43:47
32 – Principia College ** 9:07:00 15:19:26 13:27:34 0:00:00 12:27:34
55 – Polytechnique Montreal: Esteban ** 9:06:00 16:52:23 14:30:20 0:00:00 13:30:20
256 - Oregon State 9:01:00 16:26:55 14:39:51 0:02:00 14:27:51
73 – Qazvin Islamic Azad: QIAU HAVIN 9:03:00 17:34:47 16:13:51 0:00:00 15:13:51
20 - Western Michigan: Sunseeker ** 9:05:00 17:33:23 16:42:25 0:00:00 15:42:25
8 - UT Austin ** 9:08:00 - Trailered 4:32:00 22:32:00
92 – ETS Quebec: Eclipse ** Withdrawn

** Team has obtained provisional qualification for the American Solar Challenge

Last updated 7-23-14 – 12:30AM CST. Times given as hh:mm:ss.

FSGP 2014 Overall Winners & Results

  1. University of Michigan – 174 laps (596 mi)
  2. Oregon State – 124 laps (425 mi)
  3. University of Minnesota & Western Michigan University Tie – 110 laps (377 mi)

Fastest Lap: Iowa State: PrISUm (4 min 35.285 sec)

Team # – Name Total Laps Day 1 Laps Day 2 Laps Day 3 Laps Penalty Laps Fast Lap
2 – University of Michigan 174 69 51 54 5:05.490
256 – Oregon State 124 46 26 52 4:56.344
35 – University of Minnesota ** 110 34 53 24 1 5:17.913
20 – Western Michigan: Sunseeker ** 110 51 14 45 6:09.962
9 – Iowa State: PrISUm 92 46 46 4:35.285
55 – Polytechnique Montreal: Esteban ** 91 32 17 42 6:07.705
42 – Missouri S&T 88 40 48 5:13.075
73 – Qazvin Islamic Azad: QIAU HAVIN 83 42 51 32 42 4:52.169
92 – ETS Quebec: Eclipse ** 77 25 24 33 5 7:07.314
32 – Principia College ** 66 54 13 1 4:36.109
8 – UT Austin ** 39 32  5 40 38 6:43.137
179 – Massachusetts Institute of Tech: MIT 13 13 5:17.693
57 – Southern Illinois University: SIUE 13 11 3 1 14:55.801
3 – University of Kentucky 5 6 1 5:44.238
6 – UC Berkeley: CalSol 5 5 7:07.323
787 – Puerto Rico Mayaguez: SERRT 0 0
17 – Illinois State 0 13 14 27 5:31.655
13 – Michigan State *
49 – Georgia Tech: Solar Jackets *
96 – Western University: SunStang *

* Team has not passed Scrutineering – see the team status page for more info

** Team has obtained provisional qualification for the American Solar Challenge

Qualified for ASC Forfeited Laps

Last update: 7-19-2014 at 11:15PM CST

American Solar Challenge Qualification Requirements

  • 1 Day Qualification: 60 laps during day 1 or 2; 48 laps during day 3
  • 2 Consecutive Day Qualification: 90 laps during the first 2 days; 78 laps during the second 2 days
  • Each driver must also complete a minimum of 15 laps to be allowed to drive on the road

Awards Given

In addition to trophies for the top three positions, the following awards were given to FSGP 2014 teams.

  • Fastest egress time: ETS Quebec at 3.47 seconds
  • Fastest lap: Iowa State at 4 min 35.285 sec
  • Fastest stop in the Dynamics brake test: SIUE
  • Fastest Dynamics slalom test: Illinois State
  • Longest time keeping Brian Call busy in Dynamics: Principia

ASC Route & Schedule Overview

The checkpoint and stage stop locations are specified below (click the links for parking lot maps). The public is invited to attend. Team arrival time at these pre-defined stops is spread out over hours between the faster and slower teams. In general teams begin arriving at checkpoints in the early afternoon and these stops close in late afternoon or early evening. Each team is only present at a checkpoint for approximately 1 hour before continuing along the race route. Stage stops usually open in the afternoon for faster teams to start arriving but all teams are present from 6:00-8:00PM for the evening solar charging session. Teams are also present the morning after each stage stop for the 7:00-9:00AM solar charing session before they head back out for another day of driving. The finish line stop will open around mid-day and teams will remain open throughout the afternoon before the start of the awards ceremony in the evening. Stay tuned to our social media feeds for up to the minute information about stage stop and checkpoint timing as well as team arrivals.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Note: The Google Map Stage Links above are for reference only and may not be completely correct. The route book is always the official source for step by step race directions. All teams that qualify for ASC 2014 will be provided with an official route book at the event.


As always, please submit forms, fees, and reports by the deadlines specified. We will once again be giving scrutineering preference to those teams that complete their paperwork first, so earlier is better.

FSGP 2014 Qualifying Track Race Powered by Austin Energy

Austin Energy is the sponsor for FSGP 2014, which will be using the full 3.426 mile Circuit of The Americas track configuration. The track runs in a counter-clockwise direction, which includes the hill at turn 1, several S-curves, and a variety of hair pin turns around the track. Pit space will be allocated in the garages along the front straight, and there are plenty of stands for spectators to cheer on the teams.

  • Access hours at COTA will be 7am-11pm (with the open time adjusted the first day and the close time adjusted the last day).
  • COTA will not allow camping or staying on-site overnight. There are many hotels 15-20 minutes away near the airport. Area campgrounds or staying with friends/family/alumni are other options. Each team is responsible for making their own lodging accommodations.
  • Each garage bay will be shared between 2 teams.
  • Pop-up tents may be used during FSGP race days in the cold pit area.  All pop-up tents must be free standing; no stakes are allowed.
  • Given the size of the track, teams need to ensure adequate radio communication coverage for drivers and appropriate telemetry systems for monitoring the solar cars.

FSGP 2014 Schedule

FSGP 2014 Official Public Day

The 2014 Formula Sun Grand Prix solar car qualifying race at Circuit of the Americas is free and open to the public on Saturday, July 19th. Parking is free and concessions will be available for purchase. All activities will be setup in the paddock area, with the ability to see the race from the stands and participate in additional educational activities. You will also be able to walk on the paddock side of the garages and chat with the teams. The racing hours are 9am-5pm. If you come as early as 8:00AM, you can see the teams in their charging configuration. During charging, the body of the car with the solar array is pointed towards the sun revealing the chassis underneath. This can also be a great time to meet and greet with the teams as they prepare for the final day of the qualifying race. Planned activities include a model solar car workshop for kids, a demonstration by the Solar Rollers, and live broadcasting by KDRP – Sun Radio.

Rest Day (Public Viewing)

For those not familiar with our format, the Rest Day on Sunday, July 20th serves as a day to get ready for the start of ASC following the wrap up of FSGP. Activities usually include moving to the ASC start line area, recharging batteries, prepping support vehicles, and assigning team observers. This is also a day for the public to come out from noon to 4:00PM and see all the teams and cars up close before they embark on the cross country American Solar Challenge. The cars will be located at UT Austin parking lot (map).