The Challenges

The American Solar Challenge is a competition to design, build, and drive solar-powered cars in a cross-country time/distance rally event. Teams compete over a 1200-1800 mile course between multiple cities across the country. The event has had over two decades of organized events in North America.

The Formula Sun Grand Prix is a track event that is held on grand prix or road style closed courses. This unique style of raycing truly test the limits of solar cars in handling curves, braking, and acceleration. Strategy applied during these three day events is different than what is applied on the cross-country event.

Recent Posts

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FSGP Special Hilton Hotel Rates

Hilton at the airport in Austin is offering a special rate of $99/night for solar car teams during FSGP 2014 at Circuit of the Americas.

Iowa State Checkpoint

We are pleased to announce that Iowa State University College of Engineering, home of Team PrISUm will be hosting the Ames, IA checkpoint for ASC

ASC 2014 Route Details

Additional route details for the 2014 American Solar Challenge from Austin, TX. to St. Paul, MN have been posted to the website. While this information

University of Oklahoma Stop

We’re pleased to announce that the University of Oklahoma College of Engineering will be hosting the Norman, OK Stage Stop. Teams will arrive in the

Western Technical College Stop

We’re pleased to announce that Western Technical College will once again be hosting the final ASC Stage Stop in La Crosse, WI. Teams will be